Akutai Kalyani School

‘The Kalyani School’ is a 2 storied school at Manjri, Pune, developed by ‘Akutai Kalyani Charitable Trust’ of ‘The Kalyani Group’ better known by its flagship company, Bharat Forge Ltd. The school structure currently includes classrooms from Nursery to 7th Standard, Indoor play area, Infirmary, Waiting Area, Principal’s cabin, Director’s cabin, Conference room, Cafeteria/ Kitchen, Staff rooms, Library etc. The school inherits the core values of environmental responsibility and sustainability of the parent company. The company engaged Transven as Green Building consultants to guide the design team in the pursuit of sustainable development by implementing various green features that has helped secure Gold certification under the IGBC Green Schools category.

The salient features of the project are:-

  • The school uses only organic fertilizers for landscaping purposes to minimize any health impact that can instead arise from chemicals on school students and teachers.
  • 53% of all materials used for construction have been procured locally thereby supporting the local community and reducing carbon footprint of the development.
  • The project ensures water efficient landscaping by ensuring all vegetation in the school campus is drought tolerant species and ensuring that there is no turf area apart from playgrounds.

Project Details

Name : The Kalyani School
Client : Akutai Kalyani
Charitable Trust
Size : 3592 sq. m
Location : Pune
Certification : IGBC Platinum