Compliance and Reporting

Our team of environmental specialists work with Environment Impact Assessment studies & Compliance Monitoring of risk mitigation in construction projects. These projects include Townships, SEZ, Infrastructures, residential, commercial, manufacturing units, etc.

Environmental reporting is the public disclosure of information concerning an organization's environmental performance. It helps in establishing the accountability of a firm in terms of economic, environmental and social parameters. Generally, impact assessment, risk and disaster management studies are to be submitted for statutory clearances and also voluntary reporting to assess a firm’s environmental and social impact through the use of key performance indicators.

Related Projects

  • GRI Reporting

    Environmental and Economical sustainability should be approached hand in hand. Our team of experts assess and report corporation’s environmental responsibility and positive social impact using the global reporting initiative program.

  • HRC Clearances

    High rise building clearances are mandated for tall buildings proposed in the Mumbai region. This compliance is to ensure mitigation of negative impacts on surrounding region from tall structures and living conditions of project occupants are provided withbest comfort standards.

  • MOEF Clearances

    Environmental clearances for projects across India require design impact and social assessment studies that help identify cohesive sustainable development opportunities and corrective actions that enhance conservation. Our team of experienced environmental scientists facilitate environmental clearances supported with detailed investigation and mitigation strategies project by project.