Crisil House

‘CRISIL’ (a ‘Standard & Poor’s company) is a global analytical company providing ratings, research and risk and policy advisory services. The company has set itself very high standards of sustainable development. CRISIL House, Mumbai was awarded LEED Platinum rating for sustainable design & construction in 2010. The project now hopes to retainthe standards, during the occupancy phase as well.

Transven, is working closely with the Operations & Maintenance team, in helping them maintain the same level, under the IGBC ‘Existing Building’ category. Post 5 years of operation, some of the latest sustainable measures being implemented on site include :-

  • Water efficient plumbing fixtures, including water less urinals have reduced the overall consumption by 80%.
  • The impact on the microclimate will be minimal as adequate measures have been taken to address the issue of formation of heat islands from exposed roof and non-roof areas.
  • The project has been designed in such a way that minimal amount of non-roof areas are exposed. Further, the project has ensured that 100% of parking provided in the building is covered and 100% of the exposed roof areas (other than vegetated areas) have been painted with cool roof paints.

Project Details

Name : Crisil House
Client : Crisil
Size : 9,659sq.m
Location : Mumbai
Certification : IGBC Platinum