CTES Aditya Birla Group

The Aditya Birla group believes in a holistic approach to sustainability involving environmental and social parameters. Corporate Technical and Energy Services of the Aditya Birla Science and Technology Company, provides various services related to technical problem solving and cost reduction by means of energy conservation, waste heat recovery etc.

The group engaged Transven to ensure that the designhas minimum impact on the environment during its entire life cycle. The project has incorporated various green features, thereby enabling it to achieve GOLD rating under LEED Commercial Interiors.

The highlights of the project include:

  • On site automation system for monitoring and controlling energy usage.
  • 100% of the construction waste generated in the project has been sold to authorized vendors/ recyclers
  • Use of low embodied energy material for construction. 70% of total quantity of all interior finishes is low energy.
  • 100% of wood used in the project are FSC certified.

Project Details

Name : Corporate Technical
and Energy
Services (CTES)
Client : Aditya Birla Science
& Technology Pvt. Ltd.
Size : 368 sq.m
Location : Navi Mumbai
Certification : LEED Gold