KHB Mercato Mall & Hotel

‘KHB Mercato’ is a shopping mall cum hotel project with abundant amenities such as Swimming Pool, Gymnasium, Indoor game rooms and conference rooms. Transven, as the Green Building Facilitator is assisting the design team to ensure sustainability with least impact on the environment. The project is aiming for Platinum rating under LEED New Construction category.

The salient features of the project are:-

  • 100% of roof areas will be covered with heat reflective measures (e.g. china mosaic tiles and roof vegetation) thus reducing the impact on microclimate due to Heat Island effect.
  • De-super heater integrated with the active cooling system reduces hot water demand and enhances efficiency from the mechanical cooling system.
  • The high water demand is reduced from recycling and re-use. Ultra low flow plumbing fixtures further help to reduce baseline water requirement by up to 75%.

Project Details

Name : KHB Mercato Mall & Hotel
Client : Kool Home Builders
Size : 21195 sq.m
Location : Kochi
Year : LEED Platinum