MEPF Services

Building engineering team at Transven is divided into Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Fighting. With a cumulative experience of over 80 years our team offers a blend of latest technology with tried and tested maintenance free practical solutions.

Our integrated approach makes it possible for us to seamlessly blend and compliment building design principle with engineering solutions. This helps us offer varied and relevant solutions to our diverse clients.

We strive to achieve Integration of active environmental measures in congruence with mandated building engineering systems without overpowering the aesthesis and burdening the space requirements of a building. Such an approach helps determine optimum required footprint of engineering systems on the floor areas freeing additional area for possible sales.

  • HVAC

    As natural ventilation techniques alone cannot achieve comfort mechanical ventilation using active cooling and air distribution systems is designed by our team of experts, performance of which is comparable with standards stipulated by NBC, ECBC ASHRAE and BS design standards.

    i. Primary Heating and cooling systems
    ii. Central air conditioning plants
    iii. Indoor air quality
    iv. Humidification control
    v. Clean rooms/Laboratory Designs
    vi. Temperature & Controls

  • Electrical

    We provide integrated electrical engineering services as part of a total building services package. Design of efficient lighting schemes, effective power distribution systems and the use of naturally available renewable sources of light and energy are explored in an integrated manner along with all other essential engineering systems.

    i. Power supply and distribution
    ii. Telecommunication Systems
    iii. Interior and exterior lighting
    iv. Detection and alarm systems
    v. CCTV and access systems
    vi. Building control systems
    vii. Lightning protection

  • Plumbing

    Our team having worked in various water scarce regions of India understand the need to conserve, recycle, reuse and design water frugal systems while meeting theneed for class, based on project type and expected standards.

    i. Water supply and distribution systems
    ii. Water recovery and treatment systems
    iii. Rain water harvesting systems
    iv. Medical and natural gas systems

  • Fire Fighting

    Safety being of paramount importance we serve our projects by developing solutions that meet and comply withstate of the art safety standards.

    i. Fire pumps
    ii. Fire sprinkler & standpipe design
    iii. Smoke control analysis
    iv. PA Systems
    v. Fire alarm systems

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