MSR Techpark

G:Corp’s portfolio extends across the country with developments that collectively encompass an area of well over 100 million square feet.

The company has also pioneered sustainable eco-practices that have been duly recognized at both national and international platforms. MSR Techpark’ is a high end business premises catering to ITES and IT companies in Bengaluru byG Corp Developers Pvt. Ltd. The project comprises of 2 Basements, with Reception, Café, Outdoor Cafeteria, Service Kitchen, Kiosk, Prefunction area, Conference rooms Office etc.,

TRANSVEN has been involved in the project, right from the concept stage, for sustainable design & development studies.

Besides, the project also aims to achieve ‘Platinum’ rating under LEED New Construction category:

  • Façade has been optimized for minimum heat ingress and maximum daylight penetration.
  • Use of geo thermal systems to meet high demand for active cooling by cooling towers has been explored.
  • Building form and orientation are worked according to the neighbouring urban setting wherein local wind patterns are harnessed and direct view to greener vistas beyond are maximized.

Project Details

Name : MSR Techpark
Client : G Corp Developers
Pvt. Ltd.
Size : 63,000 sq. m
Location : Bengaluru
Certification : LEED Platinum