NRDA Mixed Use Development

Naya Raipur Development Authority (NRDA) proposes to build four blocks in New Raipur development region for office, cess and entertainment purposes.

Transven are engaged to develop the MEPF services for the buildings and design the local infrastructure. The commercial spaces with built up area of 10,00,000 sq ft is a state of the art project in the new Raipur being developed. The project is designed on ECBC guidelines 2011. The project is a part of the larger township infrastructure being developed by the Raipur authorities such that the services for the project are not only designed to be integrated and have the flexibility to change with changing infrastructure requirement.

Project Details

Name : NRDA Mixed Use
Client : Naya Raipur Development
    Authority (NRDA)
Size : 1,00,000 sq.m
Location : Raipur