KRaheja Mindspace

K. Raheja Corp. is a committed to environmental sustainability and constantly looks for ways to positively influence energy efficiency. Mindspace, in Airoli,, is an office complex, with Building No. 10 dedicated to IT & related services.

Transven has been engaged as Green Building Consultant for the project to ensure sustainability through its life cycle and also achieve the LEED Gold rating under the ‘Core and Shell’ category.

The highlights of the project are as follows:

  • The project uses water efficient plumbing fixtures that reduce the water use by more than 50%.
  • More than 65% of the materials (by cost) procured for construction have been sourced locally (400 KM radius) thereby reducing air pollution and also reducing the use of fossil fuels associated with transportation of materials over large distances.
  • Energy savings to the tune of 22% have been achieved using energy efficient measures for HVAC, Lighting and Envelope, when compared to ASHRAE 90.1-2004 baseline building performance

Project Details

Name : Mindspace
Client : KRaheja Corp.
Size : 25941 sq.m
Location : Navi Mumbai
Certification : LEED Gold