Ritz Carlton Hotel

Ritz Carlton has been recognized over the years as the Gold Standard in hospitality. The group is focused to achieve environmental sustainability throughout their business from construction to operations. Panchshil Realty is developing the 7 star Hotel ‘Ritz Carlton’ in Pune. The project comprises of 3 basements, podium, pool deck, service floor, 11 guest floor and executive lounge.

The group engaged Transven to ensure that the design has minimum impact on the environment during its life cycle i.e. during Construction, Operation and end-of-life phases. As their sustainability consultants Transven consulted to devised façade solutions and are facilitating in the project to secure Platinum rating in the LEED ‘New Construction’ category.

The highlights of the project are as follows:

  • The building uses high performance double glazed glass with optimal visual transmittance and shading factor to ensure a balance between daylight penetration and reduced heat ingress. Thereby reducing the loads for lighting and cooling.
  • The operational schedules for equipment, water recycling, lighting and cooling are further optimized by use of smart controls and monitoring device integrated with the IBMS.

Project Details

Name : Ritz Carlton Hotel
Client : Panchshil Reality
Size : 50303 sq.m
Location : Pune
Certification : LEED Platinum