Residential Tower by TATA

High end residential tower by Tata Housing Development Company is multi dwelling single building residential project pioneering sustainable green development practices in the historical and cultural part of Alipore in Kolkata. On completion this project features to be the standout property anticipated to brighten the city landscape.

The design makes it possible to save 54% water by use of efficient water fixtures & treating waste water onsite. Being a large site emphasis was given when designing and choosing plant species which may require less water comparatively. 64% of landscape consists of draught tolerant & local species, to reduce water requirements for landscaping.

In addition few key design features include:

  • The energy savings in this project is very effectively done with the help of various approaches like as passive architect, energy efficient appliances equipment’s, building envelop design, proper monitoring & control system etc.
  • Project is very friendly for the differently able people by proving suitable toilets, separate parking facilities and different technologies.
  • Project has provision to treat 100 % organic waste on site and 0 % of waste shall be sent it to land fill.
  • Project has complied with recycled content which constitutes 20 % of the Total Material cost.

Project Details

Name : Residential tower
Client : Tata Housing
    Development Company
Size : 10,925 sq. m
Location : Kolkata
Certification : IGBC Gold