Technical Due Diligence

Technical Due Diligence assists the seller or buyer in Identfying the opportunities and limitations of an investment. It provides a basis of decision making in real estate transaction. And helps in determining price and establishing requirements for regulating the purchase contract.

  • Land Level

    Analyzing and evaluating a site to understand the suitability for a project. This also helps the project team make informed decisions and use the information to the best of their benefit and make the project a roaring success.

    The first step includes conducting surveys that include but are not limited to topographical surveys, existing building surveys, historic use reports, contamination surveys, air quality surveys, archaeological surveys, local climate, and ecology survey

    Before of the actual designing comes analysis of the site services such as position of the
     i. Fire hydrants
     ii. Electrical infrastructure
     iii. Gas network
     iv. Sewage
     v. Stormwater drains
     vi. Existing water supply infrastructure

    The final step would involve planning to help facilitate the design. This would include
     i. Impact reports
     ii. Sustainability statements
     iii. Traffic assessment
     iv. Flood risk assessment
     v. Noise pollution analysis

    The applicability of each step and assessment depends on the type of project and the stage at which the project is being assessed.

  • Semi Built Assets

  • Fully Built Assets

    The RICS guide describes it as “the systematic review, analysis, discovery and gathering of information about the physical characteristics of a property.

    Types of TDD
     i. While acquiring property
     ii. While leasing property
     iii. Sale of property
     iv. Refurbishment or redevelopment

    Key aspects covered but not limited to
     i. Compliance with latest Codes and Standards
     ii. Detailed review of Electro Mechanical Systems
     iii. Detailed review Plumbing Systems
     iv. Detailed review of fire protection and fighting system
     v. Repair & Replacement cost details