Trump Towers

As the first Trump project in India, Trump Towers Pune is a blend of modern architecture; cultural richness and an oasis of elite comfort. Trump branded residences are famous for their opulence and gilded luxury and have dominated skylines across the world. Trump towers has provided its occupant 3 & 4 Bedroom residences with various luxurious amenities like Kids Friendly Gaming zone, Sports Courts,Amphitheatre,Swimming pool, Gym, Mini theatre Health club etc.

Rainwater harvesting system has been designed to recharge the ground water & reduction in the use of potable water. This is featured with complete reuse and on site treatment of waste water. Use of onsite installations of solar panels and solar hot water systems substitute use of renewable energy for emergency lighting and hot water.

Further saving in electricity use met by using Timer based automatic lighting control, Automatic motion sensors, External lighting with Astronomical time switch/ Photo Sensors, use of efficient pumps & motors, VRV system, efficient Glazing & Building envelopes measures.

Project Details

Name : Trump Towers
Client : Panchshil Realty
Size : 18592 sq. m
Location : Pune
Certification : IGBC Platinum